In the heart of central eastern Taygetus, situated on St-Lias Golas of the Municipality of Faris, in a region characterized of particular natural beauty and at a height of 1,000 m. we find Faris Inn integrated in the agrico-tourism complex of the family Kokkoros.
Its name comes from the homonymous Achaean city Faris (faris= ploughed land, land that can be sowed, fertile land) that prospered in the region before the Dorian Sparta.
Built on the highest point of a farm of 108,000 sq.metres, overgrown with walnut trees and chesnut trees, the Inn offers a panoramic view of Taygetos and the plain of Lacedaemon.

The farmland that encloses it is already placed in a biological regime.
Faris Inn operates on the basis of the specifications of the National Organization of Tourism. It’s a family business.


The farmland offers:

  • An area of 100,000 sq.metres with chestnut trees, walnut trees, gardens, wild trees, shrubs, turfs (origan, savory, rosemary, thyme, etc). Pathways and routes in the farm between the trees and the plants offer natural living conditions.
  • Abundant drinking water for watering and household use from the estate.
  • An outdoor area with lighting and water, faucets, a traditional wood burning oven and an outdoor barbecue.
  • Biological and traditional products, such as chestnuts, walnuts, origan, savory, wild herbs, traditional homemade desserts, homemade bread and smoked meat are available for the visitors.


  • Mountain cycling
  • A visit to the neighboring Holy Monastery of Gola, an important monastery of the post-Byzantine time (founderΆs inscription dated of 1632). One of the 7 monasteries in the Greek area with the portrayal of ancient Greeks that is definitely worth visiting.
  • Hiking through the gorge that joins Gola with the medieval village of Koumousta (4 km), a traditional settlement perched on the slopes of Taygetos, with impressive Byzantine churches built from 1500 to 1700.
  • Hiking through signaled paths.
  • Hiking routes or with a 4×4 in the forest streets of Taygetos towards:
  • The gorge Anakolon-Pentavli. During our hike we come across springs, a natural waterfall, small natural lakes, mountain torrents, a forest of plane trees, mountainous forests of Greek fir trees, and black pine trees, paths joining to monasteries, churches and the international path E4.
  • Pentavli: A forest at an altitude of about 1000-1200m above sea-level continuity of the gorge of Anakolon, near the peak of Taygetos.
  • Mountain climbing with experienced guides. As starting point the mountain refuge you can go up to the peak ( Pyramid) of Taygetos from when the view is unobstructed to Crete.