To get to the Inn Faris you begin your journey on the Sparta-Gythion National Road. At a distance of 11 kilometres from Sparta on this road, turn right en route to Xerokambi.  There is a sign at this point that indicates the name of this village. On this road, continue to drive until you reach the main square of the village.  From the square there is a road that leads you to Goranoi, a village in the mountains 11 kilometres from Xerokambi.  100 kilometres from the main square of Goranoi, follow the road with the sign to the Monastery of Gola and the shelter.
4 kilometres further ahead on this road is the Inn perched on the mountain and well-blended with its environment.
The road is asphalt and this makes driving on the mountain easier and safe. The scenery is enjoyable and enables the visitor to come closer to Nature’s beauties.